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Throughout the years, Limo Bus Clearwater has been in the business of making special occasions even more special. When we first began we were one vehicle with one driver and we did our best to go above and beyond the expectations of each and every one of the clients that we serviced in the Clearwater, Florida area, as well as the surrounding areas. After a short time, we decided to expand but before we did we had one goal in mind. No matter how large our Limo Bus Clearwater got, we didn't want our quality of service to be diminished at all. We wanted the same small-business service no matter how big or small we became.

Whether or not you're going out for a night on the town or simple riding around having some drinks and just having a good time on the limo bus, Limo Bus Clearwater is definitely a choice that fits the bill for you. If you're unsure on what we stand for, we absolutely encourage you to stop by and check out any of the multitude of vehicles that you are interested. You can hop on board and see them for yourself in first-person and make your decision based on that. So if you have interest, give us a call and we hope to see you soon!

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