Can we drink on the buses?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, however, that all passengers must be of legal drinking age!

Is smoking allowed in the limo bus?

No. In order to keep the integrity of our vehicles, we cannot allow smoking inside of them.

If we need to cancel, what do we do?

Sorry, but we do not allow cancellations at any time, for any reason.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, we only need a few pieces of information before we book limo bus service for you. All we need is the date and time you would like service. Furthermore, we need to know the number of people that need transportation, the pick up and drop of location, and that's it. We'll be able to give you a 100% risk free quote.

Yes, we encourage the comfort of our guests. So if you're anticipating hunger, then we would like you to be satisfied. Bring whatever you'd like. Note: In order to avoid any cleaning fees, try to keep the food to non-messy types (ie, spaghetti or soup).

If you need to accommodate more passengers, give us a call and we'll see if we have a larger vehicle for you. The passenger limit for our vehicles is set by the state and we cannot be over capacity. However, if you already chose to rent a bigger bus, you are of course welcome to bring as many people as the maximum capacity.

Due to the nature of the business that is a hard question to answer. Sometimes it is possible, but other times it's not. Just call and check to see the time that you need is free. If you're a little unsure as to what the time is, we always suggest booking the limo for the latest possible time and moving it to earlier in the day if needed as daytime is usually more free in comparison to the evening.

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